Aircraft Exterior Wash Services

Sharjah Aviation Services has developed a specialized aircraft exterior wash team, which has been in operations since 2011. This was mainly developed to support carriers in maintaining an aircraft exterior appearance which can promote fuel savings- a major cost component and extend the paint life of the aircraft, enabling longer intervals before repainting. External wash also maintains the integrity of the paint through processes that remove oxidants and potentially harmful chemicals on aircraft.

Our reputation for excellence is based on the state-of-the-art technology used to perform external wash and ongoing commitment to investing in equipment modernization, staff training and high-quality processes.

In 2018 we modernized the exterior washing service through introduction of a customized washing rig which noticeably reduced the washing time.

Our exterior wash process addresses all areas of aircraft including wings, engines, pylons, fuselage, tail and landing gears. Appropriate safety equipment issued during the washing process, with a pre and post inspection of the aircraft before and after cleaning has been completed.

Types of Services provided:

  • Half fuselage washes
  • Full exterior wash
  • Technical wash, also known as an engineering wash, which includes wheels/legs/struts/cabin and cargo hold doors exterior sections
  • Half APU wash; required when there is a leakage from APU or toilet valve.